The war on Germany just entered its hot phase

Michael Pugliese published: Moon of Alabama  on September 27, 2022 . 

Advances the narrative , found in abundance on Twitter that    The Americans Declared War On Europe: from pro-Pinochet , pro-Putin podcaster , Gonzalo Lira. The Americans Declared War On Europe 

Just above that tweet , with the video clip from Lira, allegation about the : " USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) where positioned in the Nord Stream 1 & 2 area on and off during the entirety of September. Yesterday it buggered off... It has had some covert operations around the pipelines were some of it's helicopters has been tracked."
"Every action the Ukraine takes is coordinated with the US Govt. This recent delivery of underwater drones is interesting. They operate up to a depth of 100 meters. The pipeline explosions were at a depths of 70-90 meters. Go figure."
#UN Security Council meeting on suspected acts of sabotage on #NordStream pipelines, requested by #Russia, looks likely to be held on Thursday (Sep. 29):

Michael Pugliese