Italian post-fascists in power

John Reimann

by Yorgos Mitralian
"“Days of 1922? Not yet, but Italy is on track to “celebrate” in four years the centenary of the rise of Mussolini and his fascist movement to power with a regime that will resemble it- almost – like two drops of water!” With this premonitory sentence we began our article written on the day after the Italian elections of March 2018 marked by a sweeping victory of Salvini’s Lega. (1) Four years later, that is to say today, we must note that -alas- our prognosis is fully confirmed by the facts: the centenary of Benito Mussolini’s accession to power in October 1922 will coincide with the accession to power of the post-fascist Giorgia Meloni and her Fratelli d’Italia, the party that is merely the continuation of the MSI founded and led by Giorgio Almirante and other eminences of the Repubblica di Salò, Mussolini’s last and tiny puppet state under the influence of the German Nazis!"

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