US slams Russia for deporting residents from Occupied Territory, which Israel does all the time

Dave Lindorff

So does the US.  Look at the captured "bad guys" from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan that the US casually "deported" to Guantanamo, the stolen land of Cuba occupied by the US Navy.   And even worse, look what the US military did to peasants in South Vietnam during that war. It used troops, terror bombing with fragmentation weapons and napalm, and defoliatiion of jungles and rice crops to "deport" those it didn't kill outright into "strategic hamlets" that were little more than prison camps to keep them from helping the "enemy" -- meaning the liberation forces fighting to free South Vietnam from US imperial control.  

Dave Lindorff
(I was banned from this site, but this latest US outrage has prompted me to send something in, which I hope can be published despite my unjustified exile, which included being told I was "not a real Marxist," in what was an ironic twist to the McCarthy era.)

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