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Hello, all-

Just in case you are free during 12-2pm (ET) tomorrow.


Dear Friends and Comrades,
Please join us for this timely event and invite others. How do competing international rivals use the language of "democracy" to justify the use of force and the spending of ever increasing billions for the weapons of war, while working people around the world pay the price with their lives? Three speakers interrogate the language of "war" and "democracy" to be followed by a respondent and open discussion. 
Pat Keeton
On behalf of the MLA Radical Caucus


MLA Radical Caucus Mini-Conference

Keywords of Our Struggle: On “‘Democracy’ in a Time of War”


Saturday, June 4 at 12-2pm EST (9-11am PST)


Over the past two years, the Keywords Project of the Radical Caucus of the Modern Language Association (MLA) has been sponsoring a series of online discussions about the ways in which language shapes the understanding and activism of people engaged in social justice movements.  Past mini-conferences have addressed both recent coinages (e.g., intersectionality, decolonization, agency, abolition) and familiar terms (e.g., internationalism, anti-capitalism, reformism, communism).

Link to register for the mini-conference:



·      Kanishka Chowdhury, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN 

·      Bret Benjamin, SUNY-Albany

·      Anthony O’Brien, Emeritus, Queens College, CUNY 


·       Barbara Foley, Emerita, Rutgers University-Newark

Given the current upsurge in nationalism and militarism accompanying the war in Ukraine, as well as the trend toward fascism/ neofascism in many parts of the world, the keywords gathering on June 4 is going to address just one especially charged word: “democracy”. How is the word being deployed by ruling elites? In the mass media? Does it always need to be placed between quotation marks? Is it always part of an implied binary opposition? What usefulness might it retain for signifying the values and goals of liberatory movements?  CONTACT: Geordie Miller, RC Chair, geordie.miller@gmail.com


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