Glen Ford ¡Presente! -

Andrew Stewart

Charles Keener

Beautiful ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective on a very special man.

I am glad to see Glen and his many contributions being honored.

I also appreciated what Jeffrey St Clair said in his column on Friday : 

" I was stunned and deeply saddened to learn of the death of Black Agenda Report editor Glen Ford, a consistent voice of sanity and resolve in an era of societal madness and political delusion. Glen was a fighter for economic, environmental and racial justice and he didn’t waver when the threat changed parties. In fact, he doubled down when Obama came into power, knowing that Obama was a more efficient manager of empire than Bush and thus even more of a long-term threat. He was fierce to his opponents, kind and generous to his friends. He taught us new ways to fight and will leave a void that will never be filled. "

Charles Keener

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