on needing a post moderated, features of groups.io

Les Schaffer

I've been manually removing the need for new subscribers to have their first post approved, for most of you as your subscription confirmations come in. its easy to do a batch at a time. occasionally i fall behind, and then some of you are being notified that your post needs approval. all this will disappear soon enough, hang in there. 

groups.io can be set up so every new subscriber needs to be moderated once and only once. its one of three choices for spam control and they make you choose one. this one seemed the simplest and the easiest to also work around. 

while i'm at it:

  • if you could do something with marxmail on the previous server its almost certain you can do it here and better. if you think a feature we once had is gone, ASK about it, and we will send instructions.
  • for example, as David Walters pointed out, you can compose emails to the group here on the web interface (where i am right now) and you can do all kinds of formatting and also include hyperlinks, etc. you can now add attachments easily.  Okay, okay, don't get carried away with it, but if it helps to make a point ... 
  • you can also set email delivery to None and read the list on the web interface. Just log in to groups.io, select Marxmail, and click on Messages.
  • you can choose plain text or HTML (groups.io calls it rich text i think) for either digest or single email delivery. Click on the Subscription tab on the left and your delivery preferences/choices will be displayed. 
  • there are some new delivery choices we didn't have before and a couple of you are discovering them, for example, a daily summary delivered the next morning.