Rebuilding Marxmail

Les Schaffer

Notice: Rebuilding Marxmail 

the Utah server that housed Marxmail is down and doesn't appear to be coming back any time soon. Lou and I have decided to migrate the list to our first task to is to get people re-subscribed, after which we will deal with archives and such. There are a bunch of other features at, more on them later. 

in the meantime here is the plan: 

  1.  we've taken the subscriber list from April 2020 (the last time we accessed the list) and split it into four groups,

    • a few of the regulars,  so we can learn the ropes of inviting/subscribing, email delivery ON no digest

    • those who had email delivery turned off

    • those getting the digest (plain or html)

    • those getting each post (plain or html)

  2.  we will  bulk subscribe each of these groups separately. To set your delivery option to digest (plain or html) or to no delivery, go to the Subscription tab for marxmail  (see screenshot at this link) once you log in and simply click on the option you want and then Save your options. email delivery each message is the default setting. 

  3. to those of you who have unsubscribed since April: we apologize for mistakenly trying to re-subscribe you. you should be able to  simply refuse this invitation, or if you accepted, you should be able to easily unsub yourself using the interface. more on this as we get up and running.

  4. i've set up the list so any new member has to send one moderated email before they can post unmoderated. this is a feature that is supposed to cut down on spammers and such. bear with us while we sort out these details. if i can turn off moderation completely i will, but the advantage of moderation for new subscribers is we can slow things down until everyone  sorts out their settings.

  5. we will now allow HTML and photos and other attachments, within reason, as we have a fixed GB limit to storing these things for the use of the subscribers. We'll work out the details as the subscriber list stabilizes.

  6. Lou and I will set up the home page and send instructions on changing your settings and how to use the new features of

  7. note that you can use # hashtags to identify topics covered in your post