Re: Was the Soviet Union an idea ahead of its time? (Boston Globe)

Michael Meeropol

I think Stalin's rule created an incredible loss of faith in Socialism for the generation that experienced his dictatorship --- Did Bukharin, Tuckachevsky and Preobrazhenski (I could go on and on) etc. "have it coming"?   Did a bunch of Jewish doctors really plot to kill Stalin??

Guess we have to agree to disagree 

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 2:50 PM Roger Kulp <leucovorinsaves@...> wrote:
Michael Meeropol,
The criticisms you ,and others, raise about the Soviet Union, gets us into a debate among leftists, that may never be resolved. That being, were the seeds of the failures of the Soviet Union sown during the Stalin years, or were they largely the result of the reforms enacted under Krushchev, and continued under Breshnev. I am firmly in the latter camp, and it would take an awful lot to change my mind.

BTW, The Kulaks had it coming. 

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