“If you repress us, we will rise up even more” - Tempest

Louis Proyect

Myanmar’s military carried out a coup on February 1st against the results of a democratic election. The election would have given Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy an overwhelming majority in the government. Fearing that would compromise their hold on the country, the military arrested Suu Kyi and much of the rest of the leadership of the country and imposed a military dictatorship. Their coup has triggered a mass popular uprising of enormous demonstrations and general strikes throughout the country. The military has responded with the utmost brutality, gunning down protesters and arresting untold numbers of people. Tempest’s Ashley Smith talked with Me Me Khant about the uprising for democracy. She is an activist and poet from Myanmar who is currently pursuing a masters degree in international policy at Stanford University. She is also a Knight-Hennessy Scholar.


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