Re: Fight the Constitution! Demand a New Republic! – Cosmonaut

Roger Kulp

Interesting article,but there is one more option the author doesn't consider. Don't just abolish the Constitution, abolish the union. Break up the former USA into as many separate countries as possible along racial and ideological lines. There are many ,on both the left and right, who believe Lincoln should never have fought the Civil War ,and simply let the south go. Slavery might have died by other means, like economic blockades. The time for this is long overdue. The abolisment of the union might be the biggest blow to the US military empire and US imperialism. No more United States in its current form could be the greatest possible gift to world peace.

I believe the "New Union Act" proposed by this author is unrealistic, and typical of the solutions proposed by social democratic reformists. Neither the right wing, nor the corporate interests that control our government would never allow it to happen.

Nobody who quotes James Madison in a positive light has any right to call themself a socialist.

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