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I had previously posted the link to number 1 of the enquiry. That featured (Sir) Michael Marmot - who witheringly exposed the inequity in health coutoihces and its' worsening in COVID times. But the Enquiry goes on.... See this tone from Keep Our NHS Public (KONP):

Hi all
Thanks so much to all of you who registered and those who attended our first two sessions of the People's Covid Inquiry. Session three is coming up with a fantastic lineup on Wednesday 24 March, 7:00 pm - Did the Government adopt the right public health strategy? Registration and more info below:
Please also take a moment to do one or more of the following things:
1) Please register for Session 3: Did the Government adopt the right public health strategy?:
2) Please donate whatever you can afford to our crowdfunding campaign here:
3) Please sign up to the Keep Our NHS Public mailing list for all the latest news about the People's Covid Inquiry and other NHS campaigning issues here:
4) You can also watch the first two sessions again below - why not share them with friends and colleagues: 


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