Re: Left Unity

Michael Meeropol

what will that "accelerate?"    The demonstrators in the street that came out after George Floyd was murdered got some GIVE from the powers that be --- with Trump in for four more years, with the judiciary re-made, with Barr still as A.G. and the Senate able to block anything the House does, he will start shooting down people in the street ---

The firebombing of the earth will certainly "accelerate" maybe to the point of no return when the methane leaks from the earth will kill all our grandkids ...

And with what power will the rising consciousness of the "masses" who will be "accelerated" (??) to fight Trump confront the militias and militarized police ?

At least if Trump loses and TRUMPISM is actually put on trial (will the ruling class let him "get away" with his corruption --- open question of course!) will the people suddenly disappear from the streets ---?  I don't think so ....

Remember, one of the principles of revolutionary opposition is that when things START to improve is when there is a real upsurge .... The big strikes that created the modern labor movement occurred TWO YEARS after FDR took over from Hoover and STARTED some of the New Deal programs ---

The movement for Civil Rights in the SOuth accelerated (that word again!) \in the 1960s ---AFTER a significant improvement in black incomes even in the South ---

I think the hope after the NADIR of life under Trump will actually be a significant "accelerant" to the movement --- even on OUR side --- pushing a Biden Administration (with a bunch of folks on our side IN Congress --- ) in the right direction.

So I don't think WE gain anything by a Trump re=election and LOTS OF PEOPLE will literally die as a result of it ....

Hope brother Roger was being facetious which case I apologize for responding as if it were a serious point ....

The accelerationist in me secretly wants to see Trump reelected.

Roger Kulp

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