Charlotta WHO?

Michael Meeropol

How many people heard the name CHARLOTTA BASS when someone at the Democratic convention (maybe one of the nominators?) mentioned a list of women who had run for President or Vice PResident and included Shirley Chisholm and CHARLOTTA BASS.

Quick quiz --- who was she?

She was the nominee of the PROGRESSIVE PARTY -- the same party that had nominated Henry Wallace (former VP) for President in an effort to capture the NEW DEAL spirit and cooperation with the Soviets spirit of FDR -- Wallace who had quit Truman's cabinet in 1946 said he was the true legacy of FDR --- the hope was he would get 10 million votes and deny Truman the Presidency thereby forcing the Democrats to return to the New Deal -- of course it didn't work --(he was thoroughly red-baited and Truman stole his domestic agenda and he got about 1 million votes)

but his party still ran Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in 1952,

The Presidential candidate was SF lawyer Vincent W. Hallinan (one of his sons was beaten by Kamala Harris for SF DA in her first race!) and his VP was Charlotta Bass, a black woman.

Amazing that her name was mentioned ....

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