Re: Vijay Prashad is a member of the Council of the "Progressive International"

Lily (Nao)

John, you are correct on this statement. However, I have encountered the real words of their member Pawel Wargan a hardcore Stalinist who openly seeks to ally with Russia against NATO. On the surface, Lula's PI presents as a pacifist but in fact, the significant people behind politics in Eastern Europe are openly engaged to defend "national states" vs. "globalism", i.e. support the multipolar world promoted by Putin.

Why is it relevant? Lula and other Latin American bourgeoisie leaders are seeking "assistance" from Russia-USA or China-USA conflict to plat on two pianos and get benefits from one camp versus another. It is not an accident that they call for the new "Non-Aligned Movement" which is a clear desire to actually support a conflict-driven world by supporting one side vs. another (typical Stalinist, reformist and nationalist mindset in oppressed countries).

So it is obvious that it is not even a pacifist or anti-war statement but the most pro-war statement and position because it implies that the Great Powers shall engage in conflicts to perform their politics of non-alliance (btw alliance imply the formation of great power camps which fight against each other).

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