Re: Marx on Colonialism 3 April 1858 for NY Tribune

Anthony Boynton

The quote could be from the articles Marx wrote in the New York Daily Tribune from 1853 to 1861 about China and India. I don't have access to them, and I am not sure if they are in the MIA.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 10:42 AM hari kumar <hari6.kumar@...> wrote:
I do apologise, but I have another request for assistance if anyone has the time or knowledge. 
I came across a quote, as cited by Irfan Habib ("Essays in Indian History - Towards a Marxist Perception"; London 2002; p.23: 
"Marx even wrote 3rd April 1858: "The land, however in India did not belong to the government, the greater proportion of it being as much private property as in England many of the native holding their estates by titles six or seven hundred years old". 

Does anyone know of this article, or the quote?
I have tried all manner of searches to find that article; or the article from which it comes in case it is another of M's articles in the NY Tribune. 
The MEGA initiative out of Berlin has even published the entire NY Tribune articles - there is none dated 3 April; and I cannot find the quote in any article there. 
There is actually no article dated 3rd April 1858 in the relevant vol of the new MEGA (Vol 16 if I recall right).  
I tried the MIA (of course David!) - but no joy there. I tried googling. 

If anyone has this at their finger-tips I would very grateful. 
I could try & write to Habib, but I think he is pretty innundated fighting off the attacks on him by the Modi Saffron-ites. 

Thanks for considering, Hari Kumar

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