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On Thu, Sep 8, 2022 at 10:01 AM Avram Rips <mltbarips@...> wrote:
I suspect the impact of the "left" from her and the clowns at Greyzone and other  is great as they post why the bombing in Maruipol didn't happen ,or the Ukrainians did it or false flag operation.

According to a Twitter thread by Neil Abrams:

March 22, 2022 OK, so @MaxBlumenthal  of @TheGrayzoneNews  recently published an article claiming that Russia’s bombing of a Mariupol theater was actually a false-flag operation carried out by Ukraine’s Azov Battalion. Reader, this is one dishonest article, and I’m about to show you why. Thread: The bombing occurred a week ago. Locals, in an attempt to dissuade Russia from attacking it, had written “children” on the ground outside in letters so big they could be seen from space satellites. But was it really a false-flag operation by Ukrainian forces?  Let’s dig in. […] So that’s it for the substance of the article. In short, it’s a mess of unsupported assertions, a couple bits of evidence that *would* support his claims if they weren’t totally unreliable, and a bunch of other stuff that’s impossible to verify and totally irrelevant in any event.

Read the full thread here

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