Re: Barbara Ehrenreich

Michael Meeropol

Michael is of course right -- there are lines we should not cross in the interest of coalition --- 

I guess all I was really saying is that we can't be rigid about these "rules" ...

Harking back to the anti-imperialist struggle against the wars in Indochina, it was the "conversion" of "war criminals for peace" that cut off the funds when Ford wanted to continue spending to prop up the regimes in Cambodia, Laos and VIetnam in 1975 ...

On Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 10:39 AM Michael Yates <mikedjyates@...> wrote:
"We agree to disagree"! A nice thought I suppose. But without that much meaning. I could have agreed to disagree with Cesar Chavez til the cows came home. But that really would have meant I would just keep my mouth shut as he purged the left from the union and made common cause with the cult leader Chuck Dederich. 

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