Re: Barbara Ehrenreich

Michael Meeropol

John McDermott's treatment of the PMC in CORPORATE SOCIETY (1991 -- out of print now) argues that the PMC are the "control officers" in corporate society --- he argued that they are the new class, not the "professionals" that the Ehrenreichs described ---- 

According to John's friend Steven Colatrella in a short appreciation of John's life's work which he posted in APril after John died (a great life --- 89!!) CORPORATE SOCIETY is the best book ever written about the corporation and what it has done to (at least American) capitalist society --- and it has thrown up a SEPARATE CLASS to battle workers ---- one of the reasons workers' gains basically got reversed beginning in the late 1960s --- 

I actually asked Steven to intervene here with his "take" but he has a "day job" unlike some of us oldsters!!

On Mon, Sep 5, 2022 at 10:05 AM Andrew Stewart <hasc.warrior.stew@...> wrote:
The professional/managerial class was trying to rationalize an occurrence that has largely ceased to exist, the middle class salaried workers, some of whom were in unions (teachers, doctors, university professors, other white collar workers). 

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