Re: Stupidity, treason or business as usual: the system is working in Russia (Boris Kagarlitsky)

Farans Kalosar

It seems clear that Putin has to go sooner or later.  The real question is whether anything resembling even reform let alone revolution will ensue.  

In the United States, the victory of Trumpism or equivalent might very well precipitate political collapse, rather than the competent and coherent "authoritarian government" that many foresee.  Those who assume the Russian Federation will march on indefinitely as a coherent entity may be giving their current system too much credit.  Perhaps people should be looking a bit more closely at the possibility of political collapse there as well as here.  

Certainly the strange failures of the Russian military in Ukraine--although of course they could still win a kind of victory--suggests a creeping decadence that could augur badly for the continuity of Russian federal government.  It would be interesting to learn more about this.

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