Re: Ukrainian Partisans

Mark Baugher

On Aug 17, 2022, at 3:03 PM, Michael Pugliese <michael.098762001@...> wrote:

The NYT, had a major article, on June 6th, entitled ,”Guerilla Attacks Signal Rising Resistance to Russian Occupation,” which had quotes from Ukrainian-American scholar, Alexander Motyl, and a hyperlink to a piece by Motyl,
with significant information about a # of attacks carried out by a shadowy group of Partisans, called Berdyansk Partisan Army . Besides what is contained in the article by Motyl, keep up with more recent propaganda from this Partisan group, via their Telegram channel,
From you first link: "It is, of course, possible that Ukrainian special forces may have been involved in some of these actions." That article does not mention Spetznaz. The Wikipedia article on Ukrainian Special Forces,, notes

"On 10 August 2016 Russia accused the Special Forces of Ukraine of conducting a raid near the Crimea town of Armyansk which killed 2 Russian servicemen; the government of Ukraine denied any involvement."

Based on their training, equipment and funding, it's more than possible, it's likely, that Spetznaz is involved in the Crimea actions.


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