Re: Damning Report Shows Unions Have Plenty of Money to Organize—They Just Don't Spend It - In These Times

Michael Yates

On Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 09:53 PM, Steven L. Robinson wrote:

Good to see some details on union wealth. I have been writing about this sort of thing for a long time. Most of the left puts the decline of the US labor movement to outside forces, such as labor law, the courts, hostile political climate, and so forth. But the internal state of unions is surely an important factor. Look at any analysis of the once iconic United Farm Workers Union, for whom I once worked. Yes, the California political climate shifted to the right. But Cesar Chavez and his allies in the union did incredible damage to the union's capacity to organize and build a movement. When I pointed this out, pretty mildly, in a Nation article in 1977, the union's lead attorney threatened legal action against the magazine. Soon enough this attorney was more or less purged from the union. Today, to put it charitably, the union is a quasi-racket. The same is true of many unions, e.g. the United Auto Workers, the SEIU, almost every construction union, and many others. Praise poured down on the late AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, at his death. A more useless labor leader is hard to imagine. Unions once built hospitals, housing developments, recreational facilities, etc. Now, the put their $ into high salaries for staff, travel perks, and all manner of waste.

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