moderated Re: FBI raid on African Peoples’ Socialist Party denounced

Mark Baugher

On Aug 12, 2022, at 1:18 AM, Walter Lippmann <walterlx@...> wrote:

Pugliese supports the raids against APSP-Uhuru, too.

He posted information to the list, and you posted a smear. IMO, no one should have words put in their mouth for taking the time to research and report on a topic. If you don't like what he wrote, then provide alternative reporting. That would take some thought and intellectual effort. That would be welcome.

Apart from APSP-Uhuru, which I know little about, it's impressive what the Russian Federation is able to do in their international propaganda compared to the much wealthier west. It might be the legacy of the Comintern, which succeeded in disorienting the international left for decades to achieve the aims of the Soviet nation state. Who would have thought that they could align the US National Rifle Association and parts of Republican Party with the interests of the Russian nation state - along with left wing groups, regardless of any ASPS-Uhuru relationship, real or imagined.

What I found notable in the Michael's post is that it took so little money to trigger the FBI raid while millions pass seemingly unnoticed in campaign contributions, real estate and other transactions.


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