Re: Can China Rescue Global Capitalism?

hari kumar

Hello Sartesian:
I did not respond earlier to your flinging of the gauntlet - after all - you may allow that you certainly do fling so many!
Do not take umbrage - I certainly do not mean that as a taunt, more as a mild jest.
In fact the central query you ask - the character of the Communist Party of China - has been around - even quite recently. I never got any reply previously here on some related matters. (see thread around 09/11/21   
But one gets used to that. (Another mild jest).

So back to your gloves:
(1) What was the CPC? a class alliance of pro-USA comprador capital + national capital + workers + poor peasants - directed against ultimately pro-Japanese comprador capital. See
BTW: You told me that links I had sent  prior did not work - I checked them out, and this one,. They do work, I trust you will find so. 
(2) Update to now & your specific query: Will the CPC-Chinese State 'sort out capital's problems'?
Of course not. They will contribute to exacerbation and fueling of a coming new inter-imperialist war of new carving out. 

Best Wishes, H

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