Re: More evidence of a split among the US capitalist strategists... and also within the Republican party

hari kumar

I think note represents a partial self-correcting strand, on the matter of splits in USA ruling class.

But only a partial self-correction of an earlier set of remarks stemming from John R’s: #18150. These were around the matter of whether or not there is a split in the USA ruling class. The views ranged between several poles:

(i) “But I don't agree that the capitalist class is really split over Trump. The Wall St. Journal editors are a good barometer of the views of the most determined or militant section of the capitalist class. …To me the main point is not that the capitalists are split in any major way; it's that they have largely lost control over what used to be their favored party.”

John R: #18175

(ii) “I think there is a split among the ruling class on the very issue of electoral democracy.” Mark B -#18158

 (iii) I think the organized left (probably) does not want to get its hands "dirty" by getting involved in intra-capitalist politics.... Michael M: #18153

But I think there is a more fundamental division within the capitalist class of the USA. I think I support this by my citations in the below article - of which I give the longer version here: 
What have the House Select Committee’s Hearings on the Trump led riots at the Capitol revealed? An update on the Trump mob assault invasion of the Capitol; January 6 2021; at . There is also a shorter version at Berlin Left. 

I think by the way that the strand commencing at #18150 had a couple of other themes that were a bit weird in a way. Apart from mis-statements that the "left" had been silent on this topic (
#18150) refuted by Alan G (#18164; #18176).
Plus the whole thing of "what is the left?" Is this viewpoint reflecting a 'superiority' of views - a la: "it is not the left if it does not have my views?" Perhaps I am being over-cynical. 

Anyway - the main thing: yes there is a serious split within the ruling class. 

Hari K

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