Re: Democratic Party cynicism

Bradley Mayer

See also my post from Politico, on the same topic.  This "tactic" is beyond cynicism.  It is the Democrats telling the "Left", all in with the same, that in the immortal words of Maggie Thatcher, "there is no alternative" to a reactionary right constitutional dictatorship.  The imposition of the 1787 constitution was, after all, a reactionary, antidemocratic - but not restorationist, as that would have required reentering the British Empire - but thoroughly constitutional coup, and it makes sense that the movement of the radical Right is largely congruent with the State institutions today.  People like ourselves on this list need to reiterate this point with the broader Left, regardless whether they vote for Democrats or not.   

In the USA, we really do confront a situation more analogous to that confronting the Russian social democrats of late Tsarist Russia, then to the "progressive" reformist situation in Western Europe at that time.  In Russia, "everybody" understood that a bourgeois political revolution was inevitable and necessary for any hope of "progress", given the institutional incapacity of this "pre-modern", pre-industrial capitalist, late feudal State to respond at all to the social reality presented by Russia's nascent working class, and as we all know, the quarrel was over which class must lead it, and ultimately where to go beyond the bourgeois political revolution.

None of this precluded the Bolsheviks from running (and winning!) in Zemstvo and other electoral forums as these presented themselves, especially after 1905.  But unlike Tsarist Russia, our analogous American "Tsarism" poses a clear and present danger to the future of humanity.   "Lenin's point" looms sharper than ever today.

We face a catastrophe on the world scale:

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