Politico: Democrats boosted a MAGA longshot in the Pa. gov’s race. Now he’s got a real shot at winning

Bradley Mayer

This "moderate" Democrat tactic gets more critical notice in the media mainstream, see also the NYT.  Here it is Politico's online headliner.  Further proof that the bipartisan system itself produces from its own bowels the future Far Right reactionary dictatorship, preordained by the USA's late-18th century, pre-industrial capitalist State, the "framer's" summation of the precapitalist "wisdom of the ages" handed down to them, in their own minds, from ancient Roman times through the intermediations of renaissance and "early modern" European political philosophy, down to the 17th century English bourgeois revolution.  Given the power of the USA in the world system, it's a dire threat to the future of the entire human race.  It has got to go.  Any "progressive Left" program that doesn't raise this question in one form or another as a fairly minimal transitional political demand is wasting its time, for the same reason that this Left wastes its time inside the Democratic Party that materially promotes the Far Right reactionaries, in this case literal insurrectionists:

"Mastriano, on the other hand, has a shoestring campaign, regularly antagonizes members of his own party, and is known for his far-right views on hot-button issues. He chartered buses to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, where he appears to have been part of a crowd that crossed barricades. He believes in no exceptions for an abortion ban. He has said that the state legislature has the power to appoint presidential electors, and as governor, he would have the power to “decertify” election machines."


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