Re: January 6th hearings and the degeneration of the US left

Bradley Mayer

Deer in headlights effect?

When it comes to electoral politics and the state institutions, 95% of the US Left operates entirely within the Democratic Party.  Consequentially this Left has abdicated commentary and action to the Democrats.  It is not surprising therefore that we would hear little officially from their principal organizations (DSA and so forth).  However if we investigate more informal channels, we'll find that this Left-inside-the-Dems discusses quite a bit about the Jan 6th insurrection / coup attempt (I think we can now call it beyond a shadow of a doubt).  For example a channel of left-of-center Democrats.

The Left's top line silence follows from their perspective on the US political regime that determines their political practice.  It begins with a premise that in itself is quite correct, but they must ignore the only possible result of that premise combined with their collaboration within the regime:

1) The US political regime is a closed oligarchical monopoly of the political institutions, and not a "democracy" (Hence when the Far Right states that "the US is a republic not a democracy", they are correct "originalists"!);
2) This regime evolved a now anachronistic party system that originally permitted representation of different factions of the bourgeoisie in a crude "two party" system, united in the sharing of the monopoly of the state institutions (the "bipartisan system);
3) The Left has seen no space outside the bipartisan monopoly since the New Deal, and supports boosting the "less antagonistic" of the two parties into government.  The Left sees this as less costly (especially to their careers) than taking on the hard work of building an independent working class-oriented electoral party.

In the long run, but especially in the last 40 years, this strategy has manifestly failed to prevent the emergence of "greater evil".  With Trumpism they have arrived at the short, terminal end of that long run.  After all, its been 80 years now. 

It must be made clear that Trump the personality, and Trumpism as politics, are no aberration, but neatly represents the extreme state of dilapidation of a nearly 240 year old political regime that now can't even defend itself adequately against coup-plotting organizers of an insurrection that their own politicians have demonstrated as fact. Trump is scheduled to declare his candidacy this September. They shoot leftists, don't they?  But never their own. 

I believe the Left-inside-the-Dems understands all of the above crystal clear.  They know their electoral strategy has failed completely. Look at AOC's drawn, sad face whenever she pops into view. And she's not even old!  They now face the cumulative greater evil of the political regime as a present fact, such that the hard work of building political independence is now the real lesser evil, even for them.  But they are utterly paralyzed by the prospect of both! 

We must say: what's the alternative, Left Democrats?  Either existence - or not - within the most completely reactionary iteration of the US political regime in its entire history (Trumpism, with or without the personality), or start building your political independence.

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