Re: Henry A. Giroux: The US Is Descending Into a Crisis of Overt Fascism. There’s Still a Way Out.

Farans Kalosar

Perhaps "doing something" would require clarity on the possible role of the bourgeois franchise in enabling social change.  

The clearly demonstrated ill effects of the duopoly on social progress since last century has led to its being commonplace on the Left to say and believe that elections change nothing and cannot change anything.  This has not been helped along by the DSA placing all its addled eggs in the nest of the Democratic Party. What's left?  Anarchist standups and consensus? Democratic centralism.

If elections can in principle "change anything," people on the Left need a new line on how that can come to be. 

Frankly, there are times when I think would be perfectly happy with something like bourgeois democracy without the bourgeoisie.  
I'd propose the slogan, "Defund the bourgeoisie!" But I'm, sure this would be denounced with homicidal frenzy as "negativity" (pron."nuh guh tuh vuh tuh')--the ultimate American sin, even to those who think spontaneous mass murder is at worst the price "we" have to pay for "liberty"?

So what are "we" willing to put forward on the hustings? I thought the combined Socialist/Green agenda of Howie Hawkins had a lot going for it.  But it didn't "sell."

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