Re: Now is the time for the left in the USA to begin building a third part for 2024

Bradley Mayer

Dave, I'd assume the 4th party could either be the committed Trump MAGA wing, an estimated 45% of the republican electoral base, or conversely, the Liz Cheney wing, depending on whether the Republican nomenclatura marry Trump again in 2024 or jilt him.  In the latter case Trump can pull a Ross Perot and sabotage the Republicans.  He's done it before, as in the Georgia runoffs in 2020-21.  Or Liz could do the same should Trump be the nominee - it wouldn't take too many votes to peel off to cause defeat, say 5-10%.

David's observation concerning the US Left is unfortunately accurate.  Exhibit A is California, effectively a one-party state since Schwarzenegger left office (a total RINO anyway, who only got elected because Grey Davis and his pallid-grey Democrats passively allowed Cheney the Elder's Enron buddies to rob the California state treasury surplus in 2000 - again, a feature, not a bug).  Yet the Left has refused to do a thing to fill the vacuum on its side of the spectrum.

One might think that the Left in one-party California would not be afraid of "electing the Republicans" by running an independent "Left Party", given the marginality of the Republicans in that state of ~40 million (larger than Ukraine, btw, and with a GSP over 30x Ukraine, the largest "subnational" GDP in the world) as verified again by their ridiculous recall effort against Newsom.  But no, it's not negative "lesser evilism" that keeps forces like DSA in the California Democratic Party, it's positive party discipline that keeps them there.  For the DNC/DCCC etc., together with their State counterparts, would move ruthlessly against such leftists, expelling them from their "ballot line" and taking anti-democratic measures to sabotage independent electoral political action. 

"Lesser evilism" and "ballot line" are exposed as pure lies in California.  DSA sells this notion of the DP as a mere empty "ballot line" to its members, but in reality they simply fear and loathe the hard work required for political independence.  They fit - especially in California - the American stereotype of perpetually lazy optimists.  That's why I say most of the US Left is scheduled for extinction.  They've scheduled themselves. 

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