Re: The Guardian on a New US Civil War

Bradley Mayer

Thanks, Michael, for this valuable info.  The recently departed from this marxmail list have departed in part because the overlap between their own politics, and the Brown-Red sludge indicated by Michael, has simply become unbearable.  Not to mention, in the case of the USA, the contradictions of electoral support for the Biden Democrats, and opposition to their NATO/Ukraine policy.

It is now blindingly clear that the American Right, following the initiative of its Far Right, are acting to take US society back to the good ole days of rule over the working class and oppressed by court injunction dictate, enforced by the police, national guard, and sundry vigilantes.   The Supreme Court leads the charge currently, soon to be joined by Congress after Nov. 2022, then likely by the Executive after 2024, with or without Trump (who will announce his candidacy shortly). 

The coming Supreme Court ruling on North Carolina's electoral gerrymander by state legislature is the other shoe that's got to fall for confirmation. 

The leading lights on the US reformist Left can see all of this coming, and yet stand there deer in the headlights.  But Democratic Party Left reformism is finished. 

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