Re: Covid deaths in the US (over 1 million) and China (about 5000)

hari kumar

Hello Dennis:

Of course you are quite right to remind us that the COVID thing is not "over".

However I'd be very cautious about some of the interpretations on EU vs USA. Forgive me I am still not 'quite' at my desk with hikes here and there. So I cannot easily give chapter and verse. But:

i) In the NYT article a while back where USA comparisons to Australia were present, this theme was raised. (I cannot lay my hands on it - the search function at NYT is pretty poor & I am not quite so adept at googling).
There it made the point also that rates within the EU were varied.
ii) And that is the point - rates do vary enormously within the EU - and while they vary within the USA - there are national differences underlying a lot of the national policy characteristics. For example, Eastern Europe - is horrific in its vaxx rates and correspondingly the consequences. 
iii) Country by country, there was data that German and Canadian mortality was comparable, and pretty much lower than in the USA; and that correspondingly Vaxx rates were higher. Of course that is *not* randomised data - but the time and the point for that type of study, is well over now. But it brings up the point also of efficacy of the differing vaxxes, and earlier - I had detailed some of the machinations over the Astra-Z variant vaxx (perhaps to be known as the UK Chauvinist variant). 

Sorry for not re-linking to various articles in the NYT & my prior mails-Berlin Left & ML Currents Today - bit hurried right now. 

But thx for reminding us that this remains a major issue, and will of course get worse once we go into Autumn and Winter. 
How individual countries will respond in terms of relief to labour, is of course rather uncertain also - given their proclivity to reduce inflation by cutting workers small portions of the national cake. 

By the way the highest cause of USA childhood mortality until very recently - I have not brought myself up to date yet - was ... gunshot wounds. Obviously lots of competing health care needs, and now for women and their families accentuated by the USA Supreme Court decision on Roe obviously.
All of which solutions are to be found ultimately in social policy - read social revolution. Capitalist sticking plasters obviously  helps.. and needs us to continue to agitate on. But...

Cheers H

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