Re: How to get involved in the mass mobilizations erupting after Roe overturned

Bradley Mayer

As Mark L. correctly points out, it is not a question of counterposing "conversion of activists into 'hard-core Marxists", to intervention into "Democrat-dominated political venues". It's not about either-or, it's about doing both.  It must be added that in general, this is not a perspective that seeks to "convert" activists into Marxists, hard or soft core.  That is up to the activists to decide for themselves, as self-determining subjects. That is because there hardly exists a mass - or even mass vanguard - revolutionary proletarian Marxist party that would be a pole of attraction.   Creation of that is the specific responsibility of Marxists.

BTW, these artificial counterpositions also "smell like Democratic Party spirit", with apologies to Kurt Cobain.  As such, references to "white activists" indicate typical Democratic Party divide and conquer tactics extended into a Marxism list.  So too with the references like "hard core" or "keyboard".  Knowingly or not, this betrays a typically Democratic Party hatred of Marxism and contempt for the Left, also transmitted into this list, a hate natural to this conservative capitalist party. 

I think we can all agree that there is no "progressive wing of the ruling class" working in the Democratic Party.  The long running record of Clinton, Obama and now Biden confirm that beyond all possible doubt.  The Democrats are but an obstacle to be gotten out of the way, not an obstacle to reinforce.

In the particular case of the overturning of Row vs Wade, the Democrats seek to shield the Far Right Supreme Court from a righteous mass anger, in the same spirit that Nancy Pelosi seeks to "save the Republican Party".  (Through material aid to Far Right Trumpists in that party, apparently!  Go figure...)

In general, one does not confound the fact that left interventions in the US almost always take place in the shadow of the Democratic Party, with OTOH the act of adapting to and channeling of TeamBlue's reactionary political party line. Therein lies a real, and not artificial, distinction that makes a difference.  The USA is not a democracy, after all, where you have a choice of electoral party.

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