Re: The Guardian on a New US Civil War

David Walters

This discussion has actually become more interesting, albeit somewhat centrifugally, than when it started. I totally disagree with the post-structuralist comment by Brad about "...the social revolutionary element of the civil war - the abolition of slavery - was accomplished by Blacks themselves, against the wishes of the political regime governed by the Lincoln Republicans..." I find there is really is little evidence for this at all despite the spate of books published in the last 15 years extolling this. It is easy to make this assertion, less so to back this up, especially given the roll of the Union army in actually freeing slaves! The entire existence of Radical Republican Reconstruction was dependend on one force and one force only: the Union army that occupied the for the former CSA. Even the Black militias that formed were armed and, often officered by white, often radical, Union army officers. Contributions abound in the roll of the army, radical Republicans and the abolitionist movement.

Fun fact: I try to point out in lectures on this about the great battle of the Colorado Militia, made up of miners, that turned back the CSA expeditionary force after the latter burned down Union army outposts in what became New Mexico. Turned back in is not accurate, slaughtered the CSA slaver army. However, this same militia became a bulwark for the genocidal slaughter of the remaining Native people's of the region.


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