Re: The Guardian on a New US Civil War

Michael Meeropol

Subscribers to this list might find this hard to believe, but William A. Williams (a dedicated left wing historian who considered himself an appreciative student of Marx) in his book AMERICA CONFRONTS A REVOLUTIONARY WORLD, 1776-19776 argued that Lincoln should have let the South secede in 1860 --- and he argued that we (the US) should consider abolishing the Constitution and going back to the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION ....

Not sure I agreed with him and not sure I even agree with him now but boy would it be great if TEXAS were to secede!!

And if Texas secedes, I say good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. The ultra-leftist in me says we are long overdue for a second civil war. If the union breaks up in multiple pieces, all the better. Maybe one of those pieces stands a better chance of becoming a Marxist "workers paradise".

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