NYT: Why on Earth Is Pelosi Supporting the Trumpists?

Bradley Mayer

"Medium Evil" asks a good question about the "Lesser Evil":  Why are you directly materially promoting a "Greater Evil"?  

"Medium Evil" muddles the answer with his own anti-progressive ideology that seeks to blame "the Left" for this dangerous promotion tactic.  But in fact Pelosi, Pritzker et al are liberal capitalist reps for the big monopolies, Pritzker himself an actual American Oligarch.  They are not the progressive Left in the Democratic party.  But of course "Evil" in general does not necessarily object to Trump's reactionary policies; Herr Schindler has no problem being a liberal capitalist under the Nazis, he who proved his liberalism by freeing his Jewish slave laborers.  "Evil" only objects to Trump the personality.  

Remember who promoted Trumpism the next time People's World tells you to vote for the Democrats.


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