Re: Newsweek: Trump's Secret Service Detail 'Cheered on the Insurrection'—Carol Leonnig

Farans Kalosar

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 01:40 PM, Bradley Mayer wrote:
Can't verify Rubin's comment since WAPO is paywalled for me, but if correct, one could reasonably speculate then that the knee-jerk speed at which Engel and other SSers moved to contradict Hutchinson's testimony already potentially exposes their right wing pro-Trump politics.  

From the National Association of Police Organizations to the DHS and SS, the American Siloviki form the intersection of Trumpism's general mass base, and its institutional base.  Most opaque is the US military officer corps, though last I looked years ago, they were supposed to be ~90% registered Republicans.  But are they Never Trumpers?

Doesn't the seizure of political power, especially where there are multiple potential centers of state power, have to be completed by the consolidation of that power--a second and by no means automatic phase? This crucial phase in the instantiation of "classic" fascism is entirely overlooked by many, who seem to presume that the gleichschaltung follows automatically from the machtergreifung  

How feasible--and how nearly in hand, at least potentially --is such a consolidation in the US between the likely Republican seizure of the national legislature (and the balance of power in most states) in November and the hypothetical election of a fuehrer or duce (or Louis Napoleon) in 2024?

The question of what the siloviki may do is entirely opaque at the moment.

The one thing certain IMO is that none of this has been, to use the cant phrase, "always already" firmly decided by the ruling class Court of Owls. The objective character of the bad situation into which we appear to be tumbling is perhaps not yet clear. 
Among the possibilities is a sort of constitutional loyalist coup of military. 

Indisputably reactionary figures of eg the Mattis type might have made a counter-coup after a successful Jan. 6 seizure of power "to preserve the constitution" last year under some circumstances if Trump's shambolic attempt had succeeded.  

Would the "legal" election of a dictator resolve such scruples? Would an Abbot or a DeSantis be able to preserve a sufficient appearance of constitutional normality to consolidate an actual fully functioning fascist or Bonapartist regime? Would "the Colonels" so to speak be in a position to overthrow relative moderates like Mark Milley even if those were still inclined to overthrow the new alleged government?  Would a draconian program of reactionary legislation--abolition of Social Security, revocation of universal civil rights, etc. etc. be accepted by the nominally "liberal" coastal population and power centers? Would New York and California just give in and bend over in that case?  Indeed, would even presumed fascist safe seats like Ohio really accept the yoke silently?

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