Re: Newsweek: Trump's Secret Service Detail 'Cheered on the Insurrection'—Carol Leonnig

John Reimann

Bradley Mayer writes: "Most opaque is the US military officer corps, though last I looked years ago, they were supposed to be ~90% registered Republicans.  But are they Never Trumpers?" I think the main bulk of the top military officers oppose Trump for a number of reasons. In this I think they reflect the views of the great majority of the US capitalist class. This is seen by the officers who went into the Trump administration and then all left. I think the comment of the former head of the joint chiefs of staff Mark Mullen really said it all. When Trump was looking to send troops into the streets, Mullen commented that the military command will obey all "lawful" orders of the president. The implication was that they would disobey any "unlawful" orders of Trump.

But there has always been the Dr. Strangelove wing of the officers corps. During the Cold War this wing advocated a first strike against the Soviet Union. Nowadays, this wing is best represented by Michael Flynn. My suspicion is that there are more of them at the lower levels. The Oathkeepers, for example, is composed of cops, soldiers and former soldiers.

John Reimann

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