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Mark Baugher

On Jun 26, 2022, at 5:48 AM, Michael Meeropol <mameerop@...> wrote:

There Is a Major Rift Dividing the White Working Class — And Democrats Are Clueless
There’s an important social and economic divide that drives working-class whites that progressive elites mostly miss — to their political peril.
"I didn't raise you to be white trash" is a phrase oft-repeated by a certain type of white parent, whom the article classified as "settled," as opposed to "hard-living" folks. The latter are comparable to the "wool hats" in a different time and place. History shows that caste and status hierarchies usually trump class consciousness in most people. Not enough attention is paid to the effects of caste and status by the left.

The article calls out Democrats. They've abandoned the "settled" part of the working class and help ship their family-pay, blue-collar jobs to Asia. That, I think, is What's The Matter With Kansas - the US industrial midwest was left to the Republicans by the Democratic Party as they deepened new alliances with finance, pharma and other deep-pocketed exploiters.

The article reminded me of one that looked at class structure in rural USA as it has evolved over the past 90 years:

These places have been thinned of family farms, prosperous rural towns, middle-income earners, and the "settled." Agribusiness depopulation led to loss of community and civic organizations. Small farms were replaced by latifundia. Families that grew wealthy from agribusiness in turn purchase the national franchises and fast food chains that replace local, independent businesses. This rural, solidly republican elite command an urban proletariat of farm workers, rural laborers, packing house workers and others at the bottom of the national pay ladder. They don't vote at the same rate as the settled folks. Democrats have abandoned their class interest while Republicans have sharpened their caste appeal.


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