Re: The Guardian on a New US Civil War

Farans Kalosar

I have to admit that these sort of imaginings are so utterly inept and devoid of any understanding of how the American federalist system works that it borders absurdity.
What "sort of imaginings" are we talking about here?  Who is imagining them? What specifically are we talking about? Nothing could be vaguer or more unclear--or more laughably supercilious.

Two actual points, however:

Point One:  "[H]ow the American federalist system works."  This necessarily presumes that the fucking thing is working, and will go on working -which as a matter of fact is precisely the question.  Do we really expect that the "republic"--whether or not Lincoln was its onlie begetter--cannot fail and will go on being exactly the same thing forever? Curious fatalism for an alleged Marxist. The neo-Nazi Clarence Thomas and his foul bladder of a wife are not in any sense politically normal--as nor are Trump, his worthless offspring, or any of the filth that currently make up the Republican Party.

Quite apart from the wisdom of taking the very questionable, if frequently amusing, Gore Vidal (and let's not mention his godawful family) as any kind of political oracle, there is simply no such thing as a political system tor government hat cannot collapse.  

I'm not going further with this here because I suspect that Doctor Stewart hasn't thought his position through and is merely waiting for someone else to give him something substantial to complain about. 

Point Two: Civil conflict can take many forms, including a kind of decentralized fulminating conflict in some ways like the Anarchy of Stephen and Matilda (12th c. England).  The American Civil War need not be the pattern--if that's what we're thinking. But again the thought here is terminally unclear.

As I say, no point in pursuing this thread.  I haven't read what's his-name's novel and probably won't, but mistakenly thought the Guardian piece cited might provoke a serious discussion. I should have known better.

Gil--another thread might be a better place to discuss the likelihood of civil war--or, more precisely, of the disintegration of the tattered fabric of the Constitution.  But perhaps Marxmail isn't a suitable venue for such a discussion.

I notice that Biden has appointed an avowed enemy of Social Security as head of the commission to determine its future.  Sp the goernment is now securelyin the hands of the people's militant enemies, if it wasn't before.  And yet we witter on about "our federal system" and Gore Vidal. Jesus wept.

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