Re: Counterpunch: Slavoj Zizek Does His Christopher Hitchens Impression

Marv Gandall

Me: The policy was predicated on the unshakeable conviction that capitalism would not recover from the war and that the FI was destined to lead the impending world revolution. As we know, that turned out to be a fever dream
Mark: So would it make sense to question the policy today given this change of historical conditions?
It’s not only how far removed the working class is from power and how far removed socialism is from the working class that has rendered the policy utopian. The technology and tactics of war have also changed. Drones, missiles, and other long-range and unmanned weaponry have reduced the need for conscript armies and, where troops on the ground are required, US imperialism is able to project its military power by equipping and training foreign proxy forces, as presently in Ukraine.
Instead of cheering on US client states and their proxy armies, the socialist left in the US and in its subordinate allied countries should be educating their publics about US imperialism and its alliance system, which interests it defends, and how it goes about defending them.
With respect to Ukraine, and recognizing that you and others on the list generally accept the dominant narrative that the war is a consequence of Putin’s imperial ambitions, my starting point would be Mearsheimer's latest contribution - a factual debunking of that narrative which refocuses responsibility for this catastrophic and dangerous conflict where it properly belongs. That Mearsheimer belongs to the so-called “realist” school does not in itself invalidate his analysis.

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