Re: Counterpunch: Slavoj Zizek Does His Christopher Hitchens Impression

Les Schaffer

I'd caution against inferring "attitude ... on this list". (***)

I will grant you there is a vocal minority of subscribers (***), with Brad at one extreme with the treason thing, taking a tough stance against groups that are not sufficiently supportive of the Ukrainian working class. But as Anthony stated in the MODERATORS' STATEMENT last week, all are welcome. meaning -- among other things -- that the moderator(s) will not allow this kind of talk to dominate the forum as a kind of litmus test for participation.

my hope is that rather than fearing the list, you contribute to the discussion.


*** i just did an analysis of all posts to Marxmail from Jan 1 through June 22, 2022. The vast majority of posts are submitted by less than 5% of the subscriber base. Specifically, about 5% of the subscriber base post more than five articles a month (on average). About 10% of the list posted ALL the emails in that period.

On 6/26/22 10:24 AM, Roger Kulp wrote:

Bradley Mayer wrote:

.... [les snipped] ... a red line of treason to leftism, socialism, anti-imperialism, the proletariat, Marxism, and social revolution, period, tout court. 
How's that?  ... [snipped again]

I mostly lurk on this list, but I have also been a member of the PSL for several years. Given the attitude towards the PSL on this list, I learned early on to keep my mouth shut about my membership.

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