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On Sat, Jun 25, 2022 at 02:05 PM, <gilschaeffer82@...> wrote:
The lesson of the reversal of the advances made during Reconstruction is that the fight for democracy has not been won. Of course, words on paper don't guarantee anything. Only organized political power can make words a reality, but the words are important as a statement of the goal of organization. Fight to win and enforce a democratic constitution.
I think the lesson of the defeat of Congressional Reconstruction is that without specifically, explicitly, targeting and breaking up the property of the old regime, restoration, albeit modified, will be achieved through the use of terror.  I think the other lesson of Reconstruction, pre-reversal is that progress follows the use of force.

The history of the Russian Revolution indicates that calls for a constituent assembly are quickly eclipsed by actual events, and are dropped as soon as practical, and by necessity.

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