Re: Counterpunch: Slavoj Zizek Does His Christopher Hitchens Impression


Might Russia do that if it conquers Ukraine?

Oh that's slick.  Another brilliant non-answer that leaves undisturbed the origins of this conflict.  The issue at hand is not what might happen, but what were the causes of this conflict.  The argument put forth that Ukraine is engaged in a war of national self-determination against an imperialist oppressor--NOT that Russia might extract reparations from Ukraine if it is victorious.  

According to Mark then, Ukraine engages in a war of anticipatory national liberation against possible future subordination to a possible future oppressor.  And to that end, we're supposed suspend class struggle against the bourgeoisie locally, tolerate NATO's intervention, welcome shipment of arms from the existing imperialist powers, and "leave it to the people of Ukraine to decide if they want to belong to the EU"?

It's enough to gag a maggot.

Note from history:  The occupation of the German Rhineland after WW1 did NOT make the German people an oppressed nationality, did not make Germany a colony.  The extraction of war reparations from Germany after WW1 did NOT make rising nationalist sentiment and actions in Germany a revolutionary struggle that warranted support by socialists.  The possible occupation of one country by another does not make one imperialist and one the colony.

Mark, get back to me when you're able to free yourself from the torturous contortions you had to execute to come up with this one.

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