Re: The feminist vanguard against Putinist Neo-Czarism


"Bobby, few here, if any, support the "Zelinski government". Can the same be true for those who would post to "support the Putin government"? Hmm"
I wish I could say support of either government  in the conflict is a giant step backward by so-called marxists/leninists/trotskyists/socialists, etc.  Actually since most of these formations have  previously supported one or more bourgeoise formations from Allende to Lulu to Morales to Syriza to (add your own) under the guise of anti-imperialism, it represents nothing as much as it does place-holding, just lifting the legs without going anywhere.. We're getting the miming, not the moonwalking.

I think this below represents the sum total of that capitulation, and support for a capitalist government. The explicit meaning is that on the day prior to the German invasion of Belgium, there were class solutions.  But on the day after there were no longer class solutions. 

There are not "class solutions" under an occupation by a foreign power and until that foreign occupation is gone, there is can be no struggle for democracy or socialism. There is a reason that people fight for self-determination and history points to struggles against US occupation of Vietnam, or every people occupied by a colonial invader...including in the U.S.
Self-determination means first and foremost the right of the country to be free of the invader/ any means necessary. It is not political solidarity with this or that gov't but it does mean supporting a united fight of all the people against the occupation.

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