Re: Ukrainian communists pictured alive but face pressure to admit to trumped-up charges | Steve Sweeney | The Morning Star


I want the tradition that says no to class collaboration, that gives a shit about what governments are strengthened during and after a struggle, that insists on the independent program for proletarian power.  I want a program that doesn't stand aside, and adopt a "strategic" reverence for "democracy" and is not silent about joining the EU, maintaining IMF programs, and using weapons supplied by the bourgeoisie to further the interests of capitalists, under the duplicitous and dishonest "it's up to the people" pro-bourgeois baloney

Those doing that are the real abstentionists, the real pass-i-vists.  

You ask: "So, what would you have us do about Ukraine? Should we demand that Russia withdraw? That NATO be dismantled? "

Of course to both. The day before the invasion what would have been YOUR demands if not "No Invasion" "Dismantle NATO"?

Clearly those who aren't "sectarian" or "pristine" don't think NATO should be dismantled. This where their revolutionary non-sectarian "tradition" gets them-- sewn up tight in the trick bag of capitalist alliance. There's a tradition there, too. And rationalized with references to Marx and Engels.

I've already itemized the points of what I think are in the best tradition of Marxists confronting an intra-capitalist conflict, a tradition conspicuous in its absence among the Go Ukraine cheerleaders.  You can look it up.  Here's the link

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