Re: Moderators’ Statement

Les Schaffer



what i am working on currently is statistics on posting to the list. How many people post how many times a month. who starts threads; who starts threads that engage a number of subscribers. the value here is finding ways to encourage people currently subscribed but lurking to join the discussions while moderating existing posters. we are debating whether or not to release these stats to the list with subscriber names. but as stated in the footers in each message, the list is already publicly archived.

my sense is some perhaps small fraction of comrades would be willing to share something about themselves: approximate location, political stance, etc. i am thinking of ways how to use interface to aggregate such data, possibly suitably de-identified if so desired.

but to your point, Lou and I have always -- to my knowledge -- respected the privacy needs of individuals, without question.


On 6/22/22 1:37 PM, Mark Baugher wrote:
On Jun 22, 2022, at 8:21 AM, Anthony Boynton <anthony.boynton@...> wrote:
Les is currently working on statistics to better define who is currently on the list although it will not completely answer all the questions you may have.
I wonder about the value and wisdom of doing this. Some of us opt for full identification, some partial, and some might want to remain anonymous for reasons such as where they live or what they do. So I don't think we necessarily want to publicize how many people come from which place, particularly if the place has no free speech and association rights.


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