Re: solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance!

David Walters

that is interesting. I agree with John on his understanding of the threat Russia represents to the people of Ukraine and *specifically* the working masses there. The class struggle under occupation always takes on the issue of worker independence from their native capitalists in the government and the capitalist state itself. But the actual enemy under occupation is clear: the invader. In every situation in the world I'm aware of, the focus is always on getting rid of the occupier. It was in Poland, France and all of Europe during WWII. Why would it be any different today in Ukraine? Workers *should* organize in their own  formations (political and military) where possible. Struggling for political independence is especially hard but it can occur, even if in limited format. In Ukraine, this means for the very small number of working class militants means joining the Territorial Guard, which allows, it seems, some political space to do this. Again, the reason: to beat back the Imperialist occupier that is intent on ending Ukraine and it's people as an independent nation. That is why we want to see the working class take the lead in this.


Where I disagree with with John is the EU, where he is dead wrong, IMO. The EU is the method by which the capitalists are trying to defend their ownership of property and roll back the gains made by working people on a national basis throughout Europe. IT is a thoroughly reactionary organization of Imperialism that all working class organizations should fight. IMO, it represents a far greater threat than NATO does which, while actually more than a military alliance (it has all sorts of economic and political policies as well), doesn't really effect everyday life the way the EU does with it's "regionalization" and "fiscalization" policies; the rolling back of labor rights across the board. Like many socialists in the UK, I supported Brexit and would oppose, if I were British, re-entry into the EU.

[John and I had a public debate on this issue in Berkeley several years ago with two other participants taking pro- and anti-Brexit positions].


I do agree with John that this is up to the working class of Ukraine to decide, for or against.


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