Re: Against Outrageous Stupidity: From WMD to Woman Erasing “Wokeness”

John Edmundson

That someone at Breitbart says something doesn't automatically make it wrong. I once suggested (on a friend's private FB page) that the left need to be able to have a civil discussion about this, given the possible conflict between women's/girls' and trans rights, a conflict that does exist even though it's deemed transphobic to mention it.

The response to that suggestion was an email campaign to my boss, suggesting that young people would not be safe in my presence. Thankfully the leader of the student pride group assured him that he'd never felt safer than in my class, because it was obvious to him that I'm not transphobic.

I know many women who feel that the left has abandoned them. If a conversation is forbidden that will continue.


On Tue, 14 Jun 2022, 11:08 Andrew Stewart, <hasc.warrior.stew@...> wrote:
It is a shame that Street has descended into this gutter with such nonsense. It is also ironic that his rant against “pregnant people” is indistinguishable from such rants that are regularly run by the good folks at Breitbart 

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