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As I made it clear, I am not going to debate on this. I have my own sources and my stand is with the CPI 

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On Sun, Jun 12, 2022 at 7:17 AM Marla Vijaya kumar via
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comment on , mainly via presenting website links contesting or
opposing assertions made , in just about every sentence.

Repression against Communists and Socialists, of all tendencies and
alignments , whether one is categorizing them as coming from Stalinist
or neo-Trotskyist or post-Trotskyist or other traditions outside those
somewhat archaic sets of two boxes, in Ukraine , is very real,
("Andrei Brazhevsky was born on August 30, 1987. He was one of the
most active participants in the anti-fascist and Marxist movement in
Odessa, Ukraine, and one of the founders of Union Borotba (Struggle)
in Odessa. He died at the hands of the neo-Nazis on May 2, 2014, as he
tried to protect defenseless people in the House of Trade Unions...")
. Investigations into human rights violations related to the violence
in Odessa on 2 May , 2014 , see , , in
particular pages 9-17 , via ,"
Odesa "Massacre" Propaganda vs. the Facts , , for a counter-narrative. (Mikhail
Kononovich of the Komsomol of Ukraine , and his Brother , who were
arrested some months ago and have had their ribs broken , I assume by
SBU interogators , in 2014 , Mikhail was stabbed and beaten ,
, further info see ,

Re : "geocide (sic.) of Russian speaking populations , on the Partido
FB Group , this rather badly written Russian report , was posted
, co-written by Maxim Grigoriev and D.V. Sablin. The credibility of
Grigoriev , can be assessed as rather low given he asserted to a
reporter from Telesur ,  the massacre in Bucha was a fake news story , . On the 14,000 killed in
the Donbas , since 2014, see,

You note : "Here in India we have access to many videos of Donetsk Red
forces, saluting to Red Flag. The communists have a significant role
in the DPR forces. Wherever they occupy a city, they raise the red
flag.  I wonder why the Left in the West ignores this." I have seen
many of those via Twitter and Telegram channels, and FB Groups which
align with the DPR such as Solidarity with Donbass & Antifascists in
Ukraine. However , in reply to Patrick Lancaster , a pro-DPR
"journalist," whose dispatches I have seen , not only via his YouTube
channel, but, via an Indian TV News outlet as well , see ,"K @KevNFNY
Mar 2 , Replying to @PLnewstoday
"Members of Russian far-right groups have played an important role
among the pro-Russian separatists, more so than on the Ukrainian side.
Leaders of the Donetsk People's Militia are closely linked to the
neo-Nazi party Russian National Unity (RNU) led by Alexander

On Lancaster , see,
, (Lancaster on the far right channel of Alex Jones ,
) ,

On the stellar human rights record of the "Donetsk People's Republic ,
" see , the reportage contained in this book by a journalist from
Donetsk , ,"In Isolation : Dispatches from Occupied Donbas," by
Stanislav Aseyev. .
Excerpts of each chapter , are at the url. A gruesome and graphic
account of torture in a DPR torture center follows , via

"In ‘Izoliatsiia’, a separate room with a table and relevant equipment
was used to administer electric shocks. For example, one detainee was
tied to the table, hand cuffed and hooded. Perpetrators attached one
electrode to his genitalia and inserted a metal tube with a second
electrode into his anus. He was subjected to painful electric shocks
for several minutes, during which he lost consciousness several times.
When he screamed, they put a cloth into his mouth. Another detainee
told OHCHR that he was put on the table, hooded and with his arms and
legs tied. Perpetrators attached electric wires to his feet and poured
water on them. Some detainees held in ‘Izoliatsiia’ could not prevent
themselves from urinating and defecating during electrocution.
[…A]nother detainee told OHCHR that [...h]is genitalia was also
repeatedly hit with a metal rod. As a result of this torture and
sexual violence, the skin on his genitalia turned black and peeled off
over several weeks. After refusing to confess to espionage, one
detainee was put in a cell where one of the cellmates took off his
pants and attempted to force the victim to engage in oral sex. Another
detainee said that he witnessed the head of the ‘Izoliatsiia’
detention facility come to the cell and order detainees to engage in
oral sex. One detainee told OHCHR that while in ‘Izoliatsiia’, he
heard guards scream at female detainees on their way to the shower:
‘Go shave your [vaginas]. You are about to go upstairs to work it
off.’ […] Several detainees reported that in ‘Izoliatsiia’, a health
professional was present during their interrogations and torture. The
man revived those who lost consciousness, and guided the perpetrators
about how to torture to inflict maximum pain without causing death. He
also examined detainees before the torture and asked about their
medical conditions; measured their blood pressure or pulse; and gave
injections. He told one detainee during torture: ‘We can kill you
anytime we want.’”

Oddly, not only pro-Ukrainian and accidental civilians, but also
numerous former so-called “insurgents” (opolchentsy) – i.e. previous
DNR/LNR volunteer fighters or mercenaries from both Ukraine and Russia
– have been held in Izoliatsiia and other detention facilities. During
his more than two years at Izoliatsiia, Aseyev personally met and
talked to:

Yurii Tchaikovskii – a Colonel of the DNR’s so-called "5th Brigade,”
Andrei Bogomaz – a Major General of the DNR’s so-called "Ministry of
Emergency Situations,”
Vitalii Ivanienko – a Lieutenant Colonel of the DNR’s so-called
“Vitiaz’ Battalion,”
Andrei Ibragimov – a Russian citizen and Major of the LNR’s so-called
"4th Brigade,”
Evgenii Tverdovskii – a Russian citizen and Lieutenant of the Russian
Federation’s navy,
Sergei Stavnichnii – a Lieutenant Colonel of the LNR’s so-called "4th LNR,”
Aleksei Sidorov – a Captain of the DNR’s so-called "Legion Battalion,”
Aleksandr Trudnenko – a Russian citizen and Senior Lieutenant of the
DNR’s so-called "Vitiaz’ Battalion,”
Denis Kustov – a Russian citizen and member of the DNR’s
Radio-Electronic Intelligence Battalion,
Aleksandr Shestakov – a Russian citizen accused of drug trafficking.

There were additional pro-Russian Ukrainian or Russian inmates during
Aseyev’s term held in Izoliatsiia. These fighters not only sat in the
same cells as those Ukrainians accused and sentenced because of their
real or alleged pro-Ukrainian activities. The pro-Russian prisoners at
Izoliatsiia went through similarly brutal torture often designed to
extract preformulated confessions on, for instance, spying for Kyiv.
The brutal persecution of “one’s own people” is a practice reminiscent
of the Stalinist purges of the Bolshevik party and Soviet regime of
the 1930s.

Stanislav Aseyev is an Expert on the Donbas with the Ukrainian
Institute for the Future in Kyiv, and author of, among other books, “A
‘Light Path’: The History of a Concentration Camp” (L’viv: Old Lion
Press, 2020).

Andreas Umland is a Research Fellow at the Stockholm Center for
Eastern European Studies, and editor of the book series “Soviet and
Post-Soviet Politics and Society” published by ibidem Press in

A larger report on prisoners in the occupied Donbas has been published
in April 2021 by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs here:

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