Re: If America fails to punish its insurrectionists, it could see a wave of domestic terror | Steve Phillips | The Guardian

Anthony Boynton

I would say that the ideology that the United States, or any settler state, is a democracy is far from subscription to logic, intellectual consistency, and basic notions of sanity. In the first place, the second amendment right to bear arms was meant to build a citizen settler army to spread the settler culture westward and southward. In the second place it was meant to build slave catching expeditions. Lastly, it was sold as a way to prevent monarchical reaction against settler "democracy". 

I think Andrew is right about the complex pathologies and mental health issues behind mass shootings, but I think an analysis of them leads back time and again to the expansionist wars waged by the United States and its British parent, and to the white racist ideology built up to justify those wars of expansion, enslavement and extermination. 

Just to take one key example, PTSD. PTSD is very often the result of wartime trauma, but it is also very often the product of secual trauma. The relation of war induced trauma to violent crimes in the United States can be traced by tracing the military records of those who commit crimes, in this case murders and mass murders.

Similarly, the culture of rape is fostered by war and by racism.,War%20Crimes%20Act%20of%201996.

To be succinct: the mental health issues involved in murders and mass murders, while complex, are not simply individual pathologies, they are rooted in social pathologies. In the United States the key social pathologies are linked to racism and imperialist war.


On Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 2:35 PM Andrew Stewart <hasc.warrior.stew@...> wrote:
Mass shootings are the manifestation of several pathologies and mental health issues that really have to be teased away from the doctrinaire white nationalist ideology that has underwritten some (but not even remotely close to a majority of) such instances, most prominent being Dylann Roof, who unleashed a rampage at the Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, SC. There’s certainly overlap, particularly because of the fact that the American gun culture has been white nationalist for quite some years, but there are instances of intersection and contradictions. If a paranoiac who has tail-spun into a serious deluded state is acting upon conspiracy theories from outlets like Infowars, does it qualify as a political crime? Or is a nut job with a gun that has been loaded up with paranoia by Alex Jones just a nut job? Where and how is that line drawn? Why? The unfortunate part is that subscription to logic, intellectual consistency, and basic notions of sanity ceased to be a requirement for Republican Party membership decades ago.

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